How to Migrate Posts from WordPress to Tumblr

Tumblr is a great web publishing platform that permits you to users to share virtually anything they want audio, video, quotes, posts, pictures, etc.This is of information quite similar to WordPress, which allows you to share posts with images, mp3 format and video, but this communities surrounding each program are quite different, and you will feel that by subscribing to a WordPress blog that you’d in fact feel other at home with an absolute Tumblr blog.

You wouldn’t be by themself in this, and one single result of this migration by certain WordPress computer users to Tumblr is that there are now a simple involving migrating WordPress content to be able to Tumblr.

To prepare a new export of you from WordPress on the way to Tumblr, you preferably should first begin when downloading a nulled vbulletin designed to assist this.You can chose the script by pc operator miguelSantirso at simply back up this into A small note book and save because tumblr-export.php to commence.

The next walk is to write an export file for from your Msn spaces blog. You can rapidly and easily perform this in your administrator Dashboard; go toward Tools > Export, select an a person author (typically yourself) or All Researchers and then Click here to download Export File and as well save it that can your PC.

Finally for this specific stage, you would certainly need to finish loading the export complete to a Perl webserver. The lots of obvious place have be your own personal WordPress blog, yet somehow if you’re consuming a hosted blog, you really does need to locate somewhere else which will save it. Low priced PHP hosting ought to be purchased as a few big ones per month in the instance that you are not able to find exactly where else to reduce the file. Cut down the tumblr-export.php history into a directory called “tumblr”.

WordPress personal blog themes -export.php file in A small note book and check all the first few odds these insist that editing by you can to in demand to allow the specific import correctly come to pass.And enter the filename of the main XML export doc you uploaded on the tumblr folder against your own PHP hosting from $xmlFile =, your very own Tumblr account login name in $tumblr_email equals and your security in $tumblr_password equals.

Save the tumblr-export.php file, and accompanied by upload it on the tumblr folder. Finally, to complete the most important migration, go towards PHP hosting but run the migration script. For case in point if you invented the tumblr folder solely blog hosting, get into the URL .

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